Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Please do no adjust your Set we are experiencing technical difficulties

Yes I am 2 days late on the Sunday dive. I blame writers block, a busy schedual and the excuse bus... Sunday morning saw a small gang of us changed course from diving the cora post on Howe Island to deadmans bay due to incoming bad weather and the potential of racing boats over our heads.
The dive was a navigational refresher by complete accident. I was origionaly going to start this blog with what do you get when you give and officer a map and compass, but the 2 NCOs with him were just as guilty. I suppose the lesson learned here is dont just trust one person for the navigation everyone should be checking as well.
On the plus side becuase we got lost in 20 feet of water we managed to dive for over 71 minutes and we did eventualy find the wreck. I completly forget the name of the wreck, but the Prince Regent rings a bell, sits in shallow waters (approximatly 19 feet) that gets pretty much chewed up over the winter months due to ice. Water temp was in the high 60s low 70s. It was supposed to be a quick 8 min swim on a 210 bearing or from the sign post aim towards the red roofed Mortello (old school cannon fort) tower in the south end of the bay. It ended up as a 40 min search.
You would think I know this, alas "Mr Technical Difficulties" (tm Grondin industries pending) had his no longer produced Viper 2 crap out on him, giving a 4 foot dive reading in 15 feet of water. This season has been hell on my gear and other then Mask Fins Snorkel and my wet suit, I think its all had a hit at least once this year. What torques me most is the damn Viper 2 is brand new. Ah well what doesnt kill you, only makes you stranger.
pics this week yay!
the entry
the lone catfish I saw
Geatan cruising through the wreck

As allways keep blowing bubbles

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