Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Night + Shallow = Fun!

I will say something that will maybe offend the intense tech. divers that believe that you need to go deep to get a good dive. Last night proved that wrong. A max depth of 12 feet with an average depth of 6 feet, that's a good dive! Ask Suzanne, she was cheering and screaming after her first night experience.

Mike, Todd, Suzanne and I (and DIanne, but a "congestion" forced her to stay on the shore) met at the base marina by deadman's bay for a night dive. My primary g
oal in that dive was to get a warm sheltered environment to get as many fish as possible to go on a picture hunting night. Mike brought his camera also and we paired up wandering the marina's bottom on our quest to blind fishes with strobe light! During that time, Suzanne discovered the pleasure of night diving with Todd. Believe me, some fishes, must hate me now, my second strobe light finally works, so I got twice the light power to blind them! Poor little fishes

Here are few of my best shots. Enjoy!

A dive without a camera is a wasted dive!
See you next dive!


Kingstondivepro said...

Lovely shots - definitely better than any others taken on the evening, but there was one worthy of sight, a shot of Marc-Etienne concentrating on his viewfinder.. see the next blog entry.

SteveC said...

Really neat pictures. Looks like a wide angle or a macro.