Wednesday, August 5, 2009

One Day two Dives

What an awesome day. Sunny, little wind, what else to do. ``Scuba Dive`` The plan was to make 2 dive`s today, the first will be the Comet, the second will be the George A Marsh. These would be Rob`s and my first 2 Nitrox dives since our course with Mike. Rob and I decided on EANx 32 for both dives. We were able to benefit with the short surface interval as well as longer NDL`s. The Comet was unbelievable sight, the paddle wheels were amazing. Just an amazing dive, visibility below the thermalcline was about 50 feet. Just a great dive. After a 2 Km boat ride and a 91 min. surface interval, we descended on the George A Marsh. Another great dive, let alone another great look at the past. It is always a wonder to me, as to just what kind of a storm would put such a large sailing ship to her grave, here on lake Ontario. The George A Marsh is a dive site that I will visit many more times in the future. There was just not enough time, to take in all of her Dead eyes, Pulleys, much of her deck hardware let alone the items that weren`t seen on a first dive. Even diving with enriched air there still wasn`t enough dive time on a wreck. I guess the next step is to either go to steel 120`s or duel`s. The George A Marsh as well as the Comet are two wrecks well worth the boat ride out, and diving on. Todd. V.

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Kingstondivepro said...

Nice blog entry Todd - great to see you and Rob enjoying the Lake and all its riches..