Saturday, August 29, 2009

Playing at night with my camera

Matt and Marc-Etienne talked me into taking my camera along last night on our night dive in Navy Bay. I am glad I did. They gave me a lot of advice and helped to set up my camera. This was my first time ever taking pictures at night (I have only used it a few times during the day so I am still learning) and I got a couple of not so bad pictures. I still need a lot of practice and this has only encouraged me to start taking my camera again.

We arrived at our site at 7:30 and after a lot of playing around with Cameras (NOT MINE or Marc-Etienne's) we finally entered the water at 8:30. All kidding aside we had a great night and I would love to go back for more practice. This is a great site to practice on as there was no current and the bay is protected from the strong winds.

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