Thursday, August 6, 2009

1 is a lonely number

One is a lonely number so they say. Being the only guy in a 7mm wet suit, diving with a single alluminum 80 with 5 folks geared up in "Halcyon" harnesses, all in trilam dry suits, 3 in doubles running 32 mix Nitrox, 2 in oversized (117, 130) very high pressure steel tanks and 1 using a camera the size of a meduim class dog, should make us regular divers kinda squeamish. I say they are all weak and afraid to dive the old fashioned way. Ok maybe not to thier faces...

You dive with the gear you have now, not the gear you want but the bank wont let you have. Good diving partners will always get to know the skill level and the gear of thier buddy for the dive and adjust accordingly. I was lucky to have such a great dive team to work with. Scott, Kim, Giles, Tom and Chris and I all shared some good laughs at each others expense over my appearant old school techniques. Did I ever mention I was given an intro to diving in a horse collar then told never use it again on my open water course?

Wed night 6 of us managed to sneak in a great dive on an old Northern Tech Diver favorite. Frankly the wind started to pick up and we really didnt have much choice in the end. Kingston in my humble opinion is the worlds best fresh water diving spot, and the Munson is one of the best examples of the quailty of wrecks the region has to offer. She sits 110 feet of water when the river is running freely (I once was deeper earlier in the season). The water temp was a balmy 60F which for us folks in wet suits is very tolerable, and the visibilty at depth was easily 30-40 feet. Tom mentioned on the boat ride back this one of those wrecks he finds something new every dive and frankly I believe him.

No pics tonight my camera and I are having a lovers spat over battery life.

As allways keep blowing bubbles!



Anonymous said...

Great blog Matt. As I always say true divers dive wet but you really must do some thing about the air shortage.

Kingstondivepro said...

Love the narrative..

Don't you feel that diving wet is so liberating.. and think of all the extra money you have by NOT buying backplates, doubles and the like.

OK - so that's all a crock and you still want the gear.

Just keep blogging with the same sense of humour - whatever happens..

Anonymous said...

Don't you know size doesn't matter it's all in how you use it.