Monday, August 3, 2009

Congratulations to two new divers..

Today, the Club saw two more divers join the ranks of the certified. Alex and Cody have been working away quietly to complete all the requirements of certification. They made two open water dives today; the first at Morton's Wharf, in fairly lumpy conditions and the second at Kingston Oasis (which is now the official title for Brule Road Quarry). The dives lasted 45 and 59 minutes respectively and gave the divers plenty of time to enjoy their surroundings and test their skills.

Brule Road is gaining popularity and it's well worth the $3 charged for admission to have the facilities that have now appeared available. The owner tells me that he plans to build a new home on the site and to improve the site still further. As a welcome - and easily accessible - alternative to a stormy Lake, it's a really welcome dive venue.

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