Sunday, April 22, 2007

Tracey Makes her debut for 2007

Tracey actually made it out today for a dive! What else could we do while we were kicked out of our home for an open house?
We went to Deadman's bay to check out the Prince Regent.
Due to leisurely setting up new gear including DIY drygloves, it took only two hours of pre-dive preparations before we actually hit the water. This must be a record but was enjoyable as the sun made for a great outing. Thankfully the gloves didn't leak!
Vis was so so at 20 to 30 feet but the temperature was great at 41 degrees.

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MikeH said...

Great that Tracey's gloves worked out. Now, we can see more of her on the dive sites. The wreck in Deadman's Bay is looking great just now.

I hope the open house went well - as I'm sure it would...