Monday, April 9, 2007

First visit to the Stacked Hulls of the year

The water was a chilly 34 ˚F for our first swim to the Stacked Hulls of the year. Adam Rushton, Geoff McTigue, Jean-Olivier Berger and I (Pat Heffernan) took advantage of the extra-long (government) holiday weekend with a Monday morning dive. We even 'celebrated' the long-weekend by sleeping in the extra hour and not gathering at club until 0900 hrs. Vizibility was very good away from shore, but the waves were starting to stir things up in the shallows by the time we got back. Several large fish were seen but they all still seem a little sleepy. The line is in good shape, though there seem to be some extra lines going "God knows where" near the wreck site. I was happy to take the opportunity to test out the scooter for the coming season. The extra knot of forward speed sure does add to the chill though!!

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