Friday, April 20, 2007

Little bit of history repeating....

The image included with this post depicts naval action during the British Raid on Oswego in May 1814. It's apt because the vessels portrayed include the Prince Regent, the probable remains of which Chris and I visited this morning in Deadman's Bay. She lies just 5 minutes gentle swim from shore in 15' of water. On a calm, bright day - such as today - seeing her keel and ribs laid out with the sunlight dancing on them is magical. Given viz of some 40' - enough to see across her width - we had a good visit, giving the dive a purpose by recording some basic statistics. For those who are interested, here they are: The vessel's length is 130', Beam 42', Keel timber width 13", Rib timber width 11" and height of bow side planking 18". She lies bow southward pointing 225 Deg Mag. A jug marks a position 100' south of the stern and is attached to the centreline - at the keel. Maximum depth on the wreck is just 15' and her uppermost remains are a mere 6' below the surface. This makes her an ideal subject for a visit by canoe or kayak - launching from the CF Marina.

Other notes from today's dive - the water temp registered at 37F (3C) and the air temperature was a delightful 20C (68F). This is a must-do dive for novices - particularly while the weeds are somewhat suppressed after the Winter.

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Jim Dunfield said...

Nice to see the measurements. Must have been a bit of a challenge.