Sunday, April 22, 2007

Sunday Club - Wrecksploration..

The Sunday Club is alive and well. This morning, Steve, Jeffy, Dominique and I made a small expedition to Deadman's Bay to enjoy one of the closer wreck sites there. But our day started with the provision of assistance to the Yacht Club. A committee member took advantage of our presence to have us fix some moorings for them.

Once we headed off to the wreck, we enjoyed excellent conditions. The Sun was streaming down through the water and painting vivid patterns on the old timbers. All the Zebra Mussels were soaking up the sunshine, siphons fully extended in filter mode. We all spent about 40 minutes on the wreck - good going for the two wet-suited divers. Lowest water temperature recorded - 40F (4C). A distinct improvement on last weekend, but not enough to make for routinely comfortable immersion. The air temperature was 10C (50F). Visibility on the site - about 40 feet, but a little murky. That was probably attributable to the steady South wind ruffling the shallow waters of the area. Some pics have been posted on the Flickr site.