Sunday, March 18, 2007

Scuba Olympics

There was a huge turnout today for the 2nd annual Scuba Olympics - 20 divers .
The following activities were played: Hula Hoop Obstacle Course, Running Race, Tug of War, Blind Treasure Hunt and Ultimate Frisbee.
Everyone had a great time and prizes were handed out to the top six divers.
Many thanks to Adam for organizing the entire event. Pat, Mike, Adam and Matt assisted with running the event.
Also many thanks to Joan for collecting many prizes for this event and the Spring BBQ.

The screen grabs shown above are from the video footage taken, which will be available to all very shortly. Meanwhile, check out a video sampler on Google Video.


Pat H said...

Hey... I thought I said "no posting of pictures of me in pool gear!!" CHUCKLING

MikeH said...

Sorry Pat - it wasn't intentional...

Check out the video sampler now linked from the blog.

Pat H said...

I did... very nice. Well done to all that participated.

Jim Dunfield said...

Thanks for adding the screen shots Mike. Great video too.