Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Oh No, not Brewer's again...again...

When the Sun is shining and the air is warm (comparatively) what's a guy to do but go and dive..? I had the good fortune to persuade Dianne to accompany me, once again, on an exploratory foray at Brewer's Mills this morning. Conditions couldn't have been better - well, the visibility could have been slightly better than the 20 feet we enjoyed - but conditions were fine. It would be good to say that we encountered something really neat, but the truth is that we did some air sharing drills and had a really good exchange with a couple of feisty Crayfish. Chilly hands led to an exit just short of one hour in the water.

Record keepers might wish to know that the water temperature was 37F (3C) and the air was standing at 5C (41F) - with a brisk and chilly southerly wind. But the Sun was shining, the geese were honking and the birds are beginning to appear in the woodlands again. Can't you just feel the Summer approaching ..?

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