Monday, March 5, 2007

Back to Brewer's

The site at Upper Brewer's Mills is beginning to fit like a comfortable old shoe. Dianne and I made another dive on it this afternoon, investigating the upper channel all the way to the waters immediately under the hydro dam. The bad news is that this very shallow stretch really doesn't have a lot to commend it. We saw several waterlogged trees, some modern bottles and assorted items of abandoned houseware, but not much else.

A slow drift back downstream took us back to the hole just south of the bridge, where we spent a little time sightseeing. Crayfish seem to have a crazy love life. We encountered a pair of them in a tight clinch on the bottom. Otherwise, it was just another day at the office...

Next time - we head south with utensils to do some prospecting in the mud under the lock stream. Water temp today - 35F (2C). Visibility about 20 feet in most places. No current to speak of. And the air temperature, -2C (28F) with a biting West wind making for cold conditions - even in the bright sunshine. But the ice that was on some of the margins is definitely disappearing.

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