Saturday, March 31, 2007

Eight is Great..!

It's not even April - and today we put 8 divers in the water at Gananoque. Dianne, Malcolm, Chris, Olivier, Marc-Etienne, Donovan, Dominique and I all enjoyed brilliant sunshine and chilly waters to complete an enjoyable dive. Although no one reported any exciting sightings, Malcolm completed his Open Water Dive 2 and everyone had fun.

For those who love the stats. Air temperature 10C (50F), water temperature 35F (2C) and the visibility was about 25-30 feet. With enthusiasm like this in the Club - the forthcoming Summer season should be a record breaker.

More pics to follow, but I'm off to see Sharkwater.....

1 comment:

Jim Dunfield said...

8 divers, outstanding.

I'm jealous.