Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Logging a dive at the Marine Museum

First trip of the year to the logs in the Bay by the Marine Museum today. Nancy, Sylvain, Chris and I spent about 40 minutes in a gentle swim to the logs, noting no significant fish life on the way. Visibility was down to about 40 feet - no reason for this reduction over recent days can be offered. Conditions were good, with light seas and low winds. Another disappointment was the fact that the water temperature was noted at just 41F (5C). This compares very poorly with what seemed to be an upward trend (Wolfe Island waters were up to 45F earlier this week).

Two of the divers were in wetsuits today - it can be done - just be prepared to shorten your dive times accordingly. But, the visibility will not be better this year - the algae is already encroaching.

Get set to get wet....

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