Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Chris turns 100 in Alexandria Bay..

There are dives that stand out for any individual. The one that Chris completed this afternoon in Alexandria Bay, his 100th, would be memorable by any measure. It took place after another, earlier in the day, in Portsmouth Harbour. That one had reached the dramatic depth of just 12 feet, as we 'surveyed' the wreck fragments close to the wall. Despite brilliant sunshine, and great visibility (by some judgements, in excess of 60 feet) it was a dive - and a site - that were very familiar.

However, topping off tanks and heading over the border to Alexandria Bay, changed perspectives completely. With the same wonderful sunshine beating down on us, we geared up and set off to visit the wreck of the Islander in the shadow of the striking and unusual edifice that is Boldt Castle. Add to the mix the regular passage of large Lakers and the whole effect was magical.

The dive itself went very well. The Islander, lying on the sloping side of the entry beach, has fragments scattered down its length from 15 feet to more than 70. The largest section, though, is in about 55 feet of water. The crowning glory being the largely intact bow piece, pointing West. A host of very large Bass were immediately evident and the sunlight played on the old timbers. An expedition to explore a mysterious line heading roughly South was curtailed when common sense came into play at 80 feet.

Water temperature - 40F (4C) - Air temperature, with a cooling Northerly breeze - 17C (63F). Visibility on the wreck - about 35 feet, but much more in places, particularly in the shallower stretches of the slope.

Congratulations on your first Century Chris. Dan will be very proud tonight...

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Happy Anniversary!!!