Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Keeping to a promise to my son and his friend that we would get the boat out this week, Theresa and I made a run to the Aloha and the Effie Mae this morning. The weather was very helpful. Bright sunshine - at least for the outward journey - and the Lake as calm as a millpond. Tying off to the POW buoy was straightforward - no current at all...

The dive was a 33 minute dive to 56 feet (the bottom). Both wrecks look rather sad - the mussel growth is really extreme and clumps of bright green algae are growing, especially on the upperwork of the Aloha. Water temperature at the bottom, a pretty manageable 43F (6C). No fish were seen (unless you count the ubiquitous Gobies - and I try not to). Visibility - probably in excess of 40 feet.

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