Thursday, May 3, 2007

Down Home - Down River...

I took up a welcome invitation from Wayne Green of Thousand Islands Pleasure Diving to go out and assist with the raising of lines on some of the River's most popular wrecks today. Working with other dive regulars on Wayne's charters, I participated in work on the Oconto, the Vickery, the America and the Keystorm. We also raised a buoy on the Twisted Sisters wreck site.

Most of the diving was pretty straightforward, involving finding, checking and then lifting lines from the baskets that tether guide lines to the various wrecks. It provided an opportunity to see several sites, practice lift bag deployment and enjoy the waters of the River, which always presents some current to play with.

The penultimate stop - on the Keystorm - was an opportunity to enjoy a prolonged, recreational dive. I did 40 minutes exploring the outside of this remarkable site, dropping to about 80 feet. The water temperature was 41F (5C). Topside conditions were great, with brilliant sunshine all day and an air temperature of 17C (63F).

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