Sunday, February 4, 2007

Come on in - the water's lovely...

Don't let the sunshine and blue skies fool you... It was a cold day in A-Bay, with a Westerly wind cutting through the divers, who didn't appreciate the air temperature of -11C (12F). Adam, Matt and Mike had made the pilgrimage over the border to visit the site of the 'Islander'.

Removal of sufficient ice (about 3" thick) to effect entry was quite straightforward, despite the attraction the hole seemed to have for the ice picks (ask Adam about that one..) Viz was excellent and there was no appreciable current, although out in the main channel the ice being carried downstream at a fair rate was steadily pecking at the shore.

The whole day would have been disastrous if it hadn't been for the outstanding services of the staff at Jreck's Subs, who provided not only sustenance, but shelter.

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Jim Dunfield said...

Looks like more character building occured! Nice photo backdrop of Bolt Castle.