Saturday, February 3, 2007

Brrrr illiant!

It took us three stops today to find some open water that wasn't going to require commando skills for entry and exit, but we finally found a viable site at the Kingston Yacht Club.

Bright sunshine made the gearing up a little more tolerable in a brisk, cold Westerly wind. The dive itself was made very special by a close and personal sighting of an implacable Spotted Gar, which allowed itself to be scrupulously inspected for several minutes in mid water. Otherwise, it was distinctly different to observe the ice shelves at the margins of our open water and push aside scattered chunks to exit.

Dianne, Jim and I spent about 30 minutes in the 33F (1C) water, reaching a maximum of 40 feet. The air temperature was -7C (19F) - with a vicious wind chill. All three of us are very grateful to Kingston Yacht Club, where we were graciously permitted to thaw out and de-kit. It would have been no fun at all in the fast-blowing snow outside....

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