Thursday, January 4, 2007

Wow! - no Zebra Mussels...

Today's dive was absolutely magical. I visited the quarry at Brule Road with Dan and Christopher and discovered a whole new diving experience in Kingston - a site free of Zebra Mussels. Add to that delightful feature the presence of a cabin cruiser, another smaller boat and an inverted car, as well as a sizeable shoal of Striped Bass - all in visibility that approached 100 feet, and you may understand my excitement.

There's not much depth - the lowest recorded was just 27 feet, but there are walls and boulders and some real features to the bottom contours. All of them make the dive interesting. For the record, the water temperature was a chilly 35F (2C) and the air temperature, with bright sunshine 7C (45F).

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