Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Starry, starry night...

Not entirely evident in the picture - which does faithfully show the chill in the evening - were the stars shining brightly in a clear sky. But it may be more relevant to discuss the dive. Chris Columbus, Rob Kirkby, Jeremie Verville and I found the courage to venture (briefly) into the quarry tonight for a night dive. Briefly is accurate, because we turned the dive around at about 15 minutes when the chill got to at least two pairs of hands.

But those minutes gave us a chance to visit the cabin cruiser and the car - and to remark on the night-time presence of many Bluegills - not at all as bold by day. Undressing after the dive was not as daunting as we had expected. The wind had dropped, making the temperature of -7C (19F) a little more tolerable. It was certainly colder than the water temperature of 36F (2C). Visibility was a little disappointing, but at 35-40 feet, quite acceptable.

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SteveC said...

Those reflectors really work!