Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I recently had the pleasure of making 20 dives in Cayman Brac over a 7 day period. Pictured here is a Leopard Worm, which is a rare find, our Dive Master had only seen one other.

This was my first experience diving south as a "real" diver. It was very easy to make 3 dives a day, often I wished there was a 4th. The first dive of the day was not to exceed 110 feet, nor be in the water more than 45 minutes, realizing that you can't spend that amount of time at depth. Cayman Brac is mostly Reef diving, where there is a lot to see at the various depths. We would descend to the deepest point and then explore the wall while ascending, usually to spend some time exploring the reef at about 35 feet.

I stayed at Brac Reef Resort, the only resort on Cayman Brac, a 15 mile long island which is part of the Cayman Islands . The resort is comfortable and well set up for diving, the staff both on and off the boats were wonderful.


MikeH said...

Beautiful photograph - real publication quality. Great shot!

The report is really interesting. Let's hope that your example will be followed by other Club travellers returning from exotic locations (and I don't mean Brockvillle and Rockport - though reports of diving there would also be very welcome....

Jim Dunfield said...

Great report Joan. Nice to see. It gives you a real flavour of what to expect. Thanks