Saturday, January 13, 2007

The Ice Lady Cometh...

It must have been cold today - at least above the surface. Tracey provided some amusement for the rest of us by forming a pretty decent ice layer on her suit after exiting the water. It was only fortunate that the wind was relatively light and the sun shining brightly.

The dive, which Steve Chew, Jim and Tracey Dunfield and I completed was the standard 'once around the barge' from the basin of the Marine Museum. Timings varied from just under to just over 30 minutes in water showing a temperature of 38F (3C). The air temperature was on the minus side of zero at about -2C (28F) by the time we emerged. Visibility was poor by recent standards at something between 15 and 25 feet. Hardly suprising when you consider the high winds and heavy rain of the last day or two.

Steve had a great dive in a new drysuit - although pre-owned - it could have been made for him - as the pic shows.

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