Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sometimes you just have to get wet...

Kevin got back from Meaford last night and had diving in his mind all night. This afternoon, he dragooned some company (essentially folk who didn't have the desire to go any great distance for their diving) and took a plunge around the Marine Museum. The picture says it all - one happy camper !

Matt (Mr Awesome) was one of those who willingly accepted the offer to dive. He was tempted by Kevin's promise of a Long Nosed Gar sighting. More fool him.. none was seen on this dive, despite checking out the area of previous occurrences. What the two of them did manage to scare up - right at the end of the dive - was a big, lazy Northern Pike.

For the record books, the water is still 52℉ (11℃). Visibility was generally poor; only to be expected after yesterday's torrential rain and gale force winds. The other bad news is that the weeds beside the ramp at the Museum bay are still pretty robust, although they are brown and dying.

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