Monday, September 7, 2009

Labour Day classics

As I sit here watching the Argos lose yet another game this year on a glorious Labour Day classic with the Hamilton Tabby Cats I ponder: What is with the weather this year? I think a few meteoroligists are scratching thier heads with the whacky clouds we have seen this year, and perhaps a few are looking for new work! However the ominous start with rain on Saturday broke into sunny skies for the rest of the weekend and those of us who love the live aquatic were living the dream.

Sunday the folks from Explorer diver ran a charity dive in support of "Soldier On" down at the Pittsburg Quarry. They raised over $120 with just under a couple dozen divers from as far away as Ottawa and Trenton clubs. The warm water (70F at depth) meant that the vis had gotten a wee bit soupy (ok at one point I couldnt see my own feet) however those of us who like to practice navigation allways love a challange. Despite the algea we did find a full beer! Fancy that.
Mmmmm Beer:
Rick C trying to figure out how do I blow this up from here?
Geatan and Todd scoping out the entry stride in:

Good time had by all. The folks at Explorer diver set up a great BBQ after the dive as well. The Baloon exploding and bike race kinda never really went anywhere but Steve C is undaunted and promises to try again next year!

Labour day Monday offered up another day of good weather, and 4 of us got a quick dip over at the Murney Tower wreck near the Kingston General Hospital. Water was a bit murky till 30 feet but opened up to give 30 feet of vis. Once at the wreck you could easily see half the wreck once there. This 60ft deep dive is a long swim (at least 10-12 minutes one way) but worth the wait. Interestingly the mass of zebra mussels are almost half gone so far this year and you can see quite abit of the wood grain. I think the Sheepshead must have alot to do with this, and we saw one in the shallows right at the end of the dive.
Seen here is a shot of the back deck. Last year most of this was covered in mussels this year lots of exposed wood and the light green dots are the sponges:
As allways keep blowing bubbles!

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SteveC said...

Thanks again to Chris and Explore Diving for setting things up.

The balloon popping was half successful because divers could inflate a balloon underwater. I think the Trenton divers were the most successful. They got two inflated and tied off. No one got a balloon to pop because they could not be inflated enough. Maybe greater depth would help. FYI the divers stayed on the bottom and the balloons were sent up in a mesh bag tied to a line, they made a good surface marker.

Bike riding, some predicted before the dive that it was not possible to ride a bike under water. Well I rode it a distance of one (1) foot and another diver did the same distance. So it is possible… sort of. The problems were lack of traction and the front wheelies, the bolder strewn floor did not help. One thing that did work was inflating tires under water, as predicted it was necessary at 30 feet. This is something to try again maybe with a extra weight-belt on the bike.