Saturday, September 12, 2009

Friday night party!

What do dolphin's members do on a Friday night?! They dive what else!

I suggested Mike to go for a little night dive to repeat that photography session with did couple weeks ago in Deadman's bay. I also invited Todd to come along. By the way Todd now completed on that dive his night dive specialty (I was his guinea pig, it was pretty good!) Last night dive really turned out to be a real diver party. Matt, Kevin, Jim and Diane also came, the little parking lot was getting pretty full.

It was a first for me and possibly Jim (he was not sure if he ever dove that spot before or not, "maybe in a other life" like he said) to dive on Morton street's wharf. I got to admit, outside the vision of Matt manly hood, that was an impressive site. I'll be honest, I barely saw the wharf once. However, I saw tons of fishes. The most spectacular of them all was a big sneaky eel.

I'll let you enjoy my shots

A dive without a camera is a wasted dive!
See you next dive!


Kingstondivepro said...

Great shots - and great fun on the evening Marc-Etienne...

Thanks for blogging and for setting a high bar for underwater photography ...

MattC said...

Hey Mark did you know those last 2 shots are of a Pike?
Worked out very nice.