Sunday, December 13, 2009

Cayman Brac - Tropical Run-A-Way

Hi All:
Just wanted to say hi from Cayman Brac. Lucky it is not to hot. Just sweating when I work. The wind has been from the wrong direction and the vis is only 50 feet. Hope these photos warm you up:


MattC said...

looks fantastic man!

Kingstondivepro said...

Steve - I'm not sure how you'll cope with just 50' of viz - and all that oppressive sunshine...

Have a great time and get loads of pictures to show at the Spring show n' tell for the Club.

Dive safe!

P.S. How's the backplate working out?

SteveC said...

Having some trouble with navigation but that's surface navigation. The vis is no excuse.

The pictures are from our fantastic hosts.

The back plate works very well. Only problem is every one keeps asking about it. You can actually see it in the picture.

Have to go now. My buddy want to scooter out to the reef. Any chance of getting scooters for the Club. They are great for shore dives.