Thursday, November 4, 2010

Great fish diversity

Last Tuesday Todd, Steve and I went for a nice little night dive in Portsmouth harbor. I have to admit, this dive was so far the best in term of fish diversity. I'll let you judge! These pictures were all taken on the same dive.

Smaller pike seen in the shallows on the way back by the pier

Lake shad

Catfish (minus a chunck on the face!)

Walleye seen chilling on the bottom under the pier close to the first opening


BIIIGG pike seen on our way to the pier leaving from the line to the anchor

Family reunion of perches

Big Small mouth bass


Rock bass

Sorry, I didn't bother taking pictures of gobby, but obviously, they were there also.

See you next dive!

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Kingstondivepro said...

Outstanding pictures, M-E... What a cool dive..!