Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Discontinued... You won't stop me from photography!

I got told some weeks ago that the batteries holder in my Sealife external flash unit was a discontinued piece and I could replace both of my broken holders... There was no way I was to pay around 600$ to replace my two flashes! There was no way I was to stop underwater photography either... Here is the solution to my problem (pictures below) !

I order cheap batteries holders online for 1,60$ and simply welded them in place to replace the sliding company one. The blue sticky tack is to minimize stress on the weld when I put in and remove the batteries. It works perfectly. I "test dive" today at Morton's wharf and manage over 75 flashes without any miss flash. I know that others suffer with the same problem or will eventually. Sealife is a awesome basic dive camera, but some pieces are made cheap! The next step is custom machined aluminium plates to replace the flashes's bases cracked many times. It will be done for next dive season. For now, good old epoxy will do the trick!

Good luck, and never give up underwater photography because of technical problems!

See you at my 150th dive Saturday!!


Saturnain said...

Thanks sharing your ingenuity!
Ingenuity or Cheap anyway good job!

Todd.V said...

Ikelite M-C....