Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I Declare this Lake Open...

Yesterday, on a visit to Portsmouth, there was substantial ice cover all along the shore. But today, after strong overnight winds, the situation was completely changed. A visit to RMC's St Lawrence Pier revealed the Southern side to be completely free of ice. Examination of the West St Ramp also showed the ice to have disappeared offshore. Of course, caution is essential during this period, when drifting ice, propelled by the prevailing winds, can catch an unwary diver out by cutting off his exit point. Today produced perfect conditions for making a first foray back into the Lake though. Entry at West St started a 30 minute expedition out to the Barge and back. Visibility was limited to about 20' - and occasionally less. The only signs of life were the occasional tracks made by the mudpuppies in the silt. Water temperature, unsurprisingly, was only 34F (1C). Bright sunshine and a temperature of 2C (36F) ashore made the preparations relatively straightforward.

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